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Ultimate Anti-Virus - FREE*

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Ultimate Anti-Virus - FREE*

Post  Modx on Wed Jul 07, 2010 10:35 am

The Ultimate Anti-Virus will be open for a free version for everyone, A VIP version will be available with more features and also ad free!

The Ultimate Anti-Virus will be able to remove any spy-ware or malware that is detected by your computer, This can then be minimized into the taskbar and then notify you when some changes are made to your computer and prompt you for a scan. We have to note that this is not to be used a full anti-virus system such as as AVG ect, you may think that your anti-virus should pick these malware up but you will be surprised at the amount of dangerous viruses and malware that these other programs miss or do not pick up. 1 scan is all that is needed to clear all the dangerous malware and anymore scan will waste time.

Screen Shots Of Program:
It Should Be noticed that the picture seen here are an extremely rough idea of what the program will look like as a final finished Product.

Start Up:

*VIP Version Only


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