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The Ultimate 10th Lobby Creator !!!

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The Ultimate 10th Lobby Creator !!!

Post  macyboy11 on Thu Aug 12, 2010 5:01 am

Dear Users,

You may have received the email already, about the new 10th lobby creator coming to The Ultimate Software.

If you, for some reason didn't read the email, here it is for you to read from the system admin.

The following message is an email sent to you by an administrator of "Ultimate Software". If this message is spam, contains abusive or other comments you find offensive please contact the webmaster of the board at the following address:


Include this full email (especially the headers).

Message sent to you follows:

Dear User.

Welcome to to the 'Ultimate Software' weekly news letter update, we would like to inform you about a new program being developed by our developers at Ultimate Software. This New Software Is Called '10th Prestige Lobby Creator' this will be able to make and host tenth prestige lobby via our servers no need to open your xbox or transfer files, this runs off our server to your network allowing you to create tenth lobbys with cool features which are changeable in the software itself. Although it is a beta program for the moment it wont be in the beta software category and will be placed in the VIP section of the forum, want to become a VIP? Easy al you need to do is have 20 posts in the forum and you will automatic be put into the VIP Group and then able to access it. Where can you post, if you have any software of your own that you want to advertise on the forum you can do this in the 'User Submitted Area' if not then you can make topics in the 'General Discussion'. However thes
e post have to actual post and not spam.

Also We are Developing a Microsoft Points generator, unlike other point generators this doesnt generate a code which often doesnt work, it actually adds the points to your account. You will be asked for email, password ect, but this isnt stored or sold on and is totally secure. That however wont be a VIP software and and will be available to members.



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